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Digital LEED-AES Controllers

LPS-D Series (Models LPS075-D, LPS300-D) & LOA10-AES

Precise, convenient and reliable on-board microprocessor control for Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED) and Auger Electron Spectroscopy.

Model LPS075-D

Compact controller for LEED application compatible with BDL800/600/450 and most commercial LEED optics.

Model LPS300-D & LOA10-AES

Complete electronics for LEED and AES with data acquisition and analysis software.


For specifications, configuration and more, visit the LPS075-D, LPS300-D & LOA10-AES Product Page.

LPS300-D & LOA10-AES.

Digital Ion Sputter Gun Controller

Model IPS3-D


  • Sputter control programming
  • Front panel or computer control via USB
  • Digital precision in setting and stability
  • Rotary optical encoder control on front panel
  • Integration to LabView (TM) or TestPoint (TM)
  • Automatic protection against overload, short circuit and arc

Computer Control Software

For screenshots of timing software for automation to control sputtering process, visit the IPS3-D product page.


For specifications, screenshots and more, visit the IPS3-D product page.